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Packages that use EventDESystem

Uses of EventDESystem in org.simulator.math.odes

Methods in org.simulator.math.odes with parameters of type EventDESystem
 boolean AbstractDESSolver.processEvents(EventDESystem EDES, double time, double previousTime, double[] yTemp)
          Processes sudden changes in the system due to events in the EDES
 boolean AbstractDESSolver.processRules(EventDESystem EDES, double time, double[] Ytemp)
          Function for processing the rules at a certain time step.

Uses of EventDESystem in org.simulator.sbml

Classes in org.simulator.sbml that implement EventDESystem
 class SBMLinterpreter
           This DifferentialEquationSystem takes a model in SBML format and maps it to a data structure that is understood by the AbstractDESSolver.