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org.simulator.math Classes that contain several mathematical operations. 

Uses of MatrixOperations.MatrixException in org.simulator.math

Methods in org.simulator.math that throw MatrixOperations.MatrixException
static int MatrixOperations.hqr(double[][] a, double[] wr, double[] wi)
          Finds all eigenvalues of an upper Hessenberg matrix a[1..n][1..n].
static double MatrixOperations.ludcmp(double[][] a, int[] indx)
          Given a matrix a[1..n][1..n], this routine replaces it by the LU decomposition of a rowwise permutation of itself. a and n are input. a is output,l arrand as in equation (2.3.14) above; indx[1..n] is an output vector that records the row permutation effected by the partial pivoting; d (return value) is output +/- 1 depending on whether the number of row interchanges was even or odd respectively.