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Packages that use MeanFunction
org.simulator.math Classes that contain several mathematical operations. 

Uses of MeanFunction in org.simulator.math

Subclasses of MeanFunction in org.simulator.math
 class ArithmeticMean
          Class that computes the arithmetic mean of the given column distances.
 class DistanceSum
          Sets the overall distance to the sum of the column distances.

Fields in org.simulator.math declared as MeanFunction
protected  MeanFunction QualityMeasure.meanFunction

Methods in org.simulator.math that return MeanFunction
 MeanFunction QualityMeasure.getMeanFunction()

Methods in org.simulator.math with parameters of type MeanFunction
 void QualityMeasure.setMeanFunction(MeanFunction meanFunction)

Constructors in org.simulator.math with parameters of type MeanFunction
QualityMeasure(double defaultValue, MeanFunction meanFunction)
          Constructor, which allows setting the parameter values for QualityMeasure.meanFunction and QualityMeasure.defaultValue.

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