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Packages that use N_Metric
org.simulator.math Classes that contain several mathematical operations. 

Uses of N_Metric in org.simulator.math

Subclasses of N_Metric in org.simulator.math
 class EuclideanDistance
          Class for computation of the Euclidean distance of two vectors.
 class ManhattanDistance
          Class for computation of the Manhattan distance of two vectors
 class RelativeSquaredError
          An implementation of the relative squared error with a default value to avoid division by zero.

Fields in org.simulator.math declared as N_Metric
protected  N_Metric Relative_N_Metric.metric
          The metric the relative distance is based on.

Constructors in org.simulator.math with parameters of type N_Metric
Relative_N_Metric(N_Metric metric)
          Initialization with a given N_Metric

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