Uses of Interface

Packages that use EventDESystem
org.simulator.math.odes The different solver classes that are all derived from AbstractDESSolver. 
org.simulator.sbml Classes for storing and interpreting an SBML model. 

Uses of EventDESystem in org.simulator.math.odes

Methods in org.simulator.math.odes with parameters of type EventDESystem
 boolean AbstractDESSolver.processEvents(EventDESystem EDES, double time, double previousTime, double[] yTemp)
          Processes sudden changes in the system due to events in the EDES
 boolean AbstractDESSolver.processRules(EventDESystem EDES, double time, double[] Ytemp)
          Function for processing the rules at a certain time step.

Uses of EventDESystem in org.simulator.sbml

Classes in org.simulator.sbml that implement EventDESystem
 class SBMLinterpreter
           This differential equation system (DESystem) takes a model in SBML format and maps it to a data structure that is understood by the AbstractDESSolver.

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