Package org.simulator.sedml

Classes for reading and executing SED-ML files.


Class Summary
MultTableSEDMLWrapper This class adapts the native results to an interface that the SEDML processor can use to post-process results.
SEDMLExecutor Facade class to provide a jlibsedml-independent means to execute a SEDML file.
SEDMLExecutorTest This test class shows how a SED-ML file can be interpreted and executed using SBML Simulator Core solvers.
SedMLSBMLSimulatorExecutor This class extends an abstract class from jlibsedml, which provides various support functions such as retrieving models, applying changes to models, working out what tasks need to be executed to achieve an Output, and post-processing of results.
SEDMLWriter Writes a simulation configuration to SED-ML for export and sharing.
SEDMLWriterTest Tests the SEDMLWriter

Exception Summary
ExecutionException Runtime exception indicating that SEDML execution has failed.

Package org.simulator.sedml Description

Classes for reading and executing SED-ML files. The jlibsedml library is used to perform these operations.

For more information about SED-ML please visit

Classes for storing and interpreting an SBML model. The most important class is SBMLinterpreter that can return the current vector of derivatives to the solver.

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