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Packages that use MultiTable.Block.Column
org.simulator.math Classes that contain several mathematical operations. 
org.simulator.math.odes The various solver classes that are all derived from AbstractDESSolver

Uses of MultiTable.Block.Column in org.simulator.math

Methods in org.simulator.math with parameters of type MultiTable.Block.Column
 double QualityMeasure.distance(MultiTable.Block.Column x, MultiTable.Block.Column y)
          Returns the distance of the two vectors x and y where the currently set root is used.
 double Relative_N_Metric.distance(MultiTable.Block.Column x, MultiTable.Block.Column expected, double defaultValue)
abstract  double QualityMeasure.distance(MultiTable.Block.Column x, MultiTable.Block.Column y, double defaultValue)
          Returns the distance of the two vectors x and y with the given root.
 double PearsonCorrelation.distance(MultiTable.Block.Column x, MultiTable.Block.Column y, double defaultValue)
 double N_Metric.distance(MultiTable.Block.Column x, MultiTable.Block.Column y, double defaultValue)
 double N_Metric.distanceToZero(MultiTable.Block.Column x, double defaultValue)

Uses of MultiTable.Block.Column in org.simulator.math.odes

Methods in org.simulator.math.odes that return MultiTable.Block.Column
 MultiTable.Block.Column MultiTable.getColumn(int column)
 MultiTable.Block.Column MultiTable.Block.getColumn(int columnIndex)
          Grants access to the specified column.
 MultiTable.Block.Column MultiTable.getColumn(String identifier)
          Returns the column corresponding to the given identifier.
 MultiTable.Block.Column MultiTable.Block.getColumn(String identfier)
          Provides access to the MultiTable.Block.Column corresponding to the given identifier.

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