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Packages that use DESystem
org.simulator.math.odes The various solver classes that are all derived from AbstractDESSolver
org.simulator.sbml Classes for storing and interpreting an SBML model. 

Uses of DESystem in org.simulator.math.odes

Subinterfaces of DESystem in org.simulator.math.odes
 interface DelayedDESystem
          This interface describes a differential equation system containing values with a delay function.
 interface EventDESystem
          This class represents an event-driven differential equation system
 interface FastProcessDESystem
          This interface describes differential equation systems with fast processes.
 interface ParameterizedDESystem
          This class defines a differential equation system that contains parameters whose values influence its behavior.
 interface RichDESystem
          A RichDESystem is a DESystem that provides additional information besides the pure rate of change during its evaluation.

Methods in org.simulator.math.odes with parameters of type DESystem
protected  double[] AbstractDESSolver.additionalResults(DESystem DES, double t, double[] yTemp, MultiTable data, int rowIndex)
          Compute additional result values
 double[] RungeKutta_EventSolver.computeChange(DESystem DES, double[] yTemp, double t, double h, double[] change, boolean steadyState)
 double[] RosenbrockSolver.computeChange(DESystem DES, double[] y2, double time, double currentStepSize, double[] change, boolean steadyState)
 double[] FirstOrderSolver.computeChange(DESystem DES, double[] y, double t, double stepSize, double[] change, boolean steadyState)
 double[] EulerMethod.computeChange(DESystem DES, double[] yPrev, double t, double stepSize, double[] change, boolean steadyState)
abstract  double[] AbstractDESSolver.computeChange(DESystem DES, double[] y, double t, double stepSize, double[] change, boolean steadyState)
          Computes the change for a given system at the current time with the current setting for the integration step size.
 double DelayValueHolder.computeDelayedValue(double time, String id, DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, int yIndex)
          Returns the value for the element with the given id at a time point in the past, where the time gives the amount of time in the past.
 double AbstractDESSolver.computeDelayedValue(double time, String id, DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, int yIndex)
protected  MultiTable AbstractDESSolver.initResultMatrix(DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, double[] timePoints)
protected  MultiTable AbstractDESSolver.initResultMatrix(DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, double timeBegin, double timeEnd)
protected  MultiTable AbstractDESSolver.initResultMatrix(DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, double timeBegin, int numSteps)
 boolean AbstractDESSolver.processEventsAndRules(boolean forceProcessing, DESystem DES, double t, double previousTime, double[] yTemp)
          Function for processing the events and rules at a certain time step.
 MultiTable DESSolver.solve(DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, double[] timepoints)
          Solves the given differential equation system with the step size h and the number of steps as given starting at the value x.
 MultiTable AbstractDESSolver.solve(DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, double[] timePoints)
 MultiTable DESSolver.solve(DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, double timeBegin, double timeEnd)
          Solves the given differential equation system
 MultiTable AbstractDESSolver.solve(DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, double timeBegin, double timeEnd)
 MultiTable DESSolver.solve(DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, double x, double h, int steps)
          Solves the given differential equation system with the step size h and the number of steps as given starting at the value x.
 MultiTable AbstractDESSolver.solve(DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, double x, double h, int steps)
 MultiTable DESSolver.solve(DESystem DES, MultiTable.Block timeSeriesInitConditions, double[] initialValues)
          Solves the given DESystem using new initial conditions in each time step.
 MultiTable AbstractDESSolver.solve(DESystem DES, MultiTable.Block initConditions, double[] initialValues)
 double RosenbrockSolver.step(DESystem DES)
          This function tries to make a time step.

Uses of DESystem in org.simulator.sbml

Classes in org.simulator.sbml that implement DESystem
 class SBMLinterpreter
           This differential equation system (DESystem) takes a model in SBML format and maps it to a data structure that is understood by the AbstractDESSolver.

Methods in org.simulator.sbml with parameters of type DESystem
 double SBMLinterpreter.computeDelayedValue(double time, String id, DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, int yIndex)

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