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org.simulator This package simply contains a default main program to display very basic licensing terms and other information. Import and export of files. 
org.simulator.math Classes that contain several mathematical operations. 
org.simulator.math.odes The various solver classes that are all derived from AbstractDESSolver
org.simulator.sedml Classes for reading and executing SED-ML files. 

Uses of MultiTable in org.simulator

Methods in org.simulator that return MultiTable
static MultiTable SBMLTestSuiteRunner.testModel(AbstractDESSolver solver, Model model, double[] timePoints, double stepSize, Map<String,Boolean> amountHash)
          Tests one specific model

Uses of MultiTable in

Methods in that return MultiTable
 MultiTable CSVImporter.convert(Model model, String pathname)
          Function for importing a file and adapting the data to the current model

Uses of MultiTable in org.simulator.math

Methods in org.simulator.math with parameters of type MultiTable
 double QualityMeasure.distance(MultiTable x, MultiTable expected)
 ArrayList<Double> QualityMeasure.getColumnDistances(MultiTable x, MultiTable expected)
          Computes the distance of two matrices as the sum of the distances of each row.

Uses of MultiTable in org.simulator.math.odes

Methods in org.simulator.math.odes that return MultiTable
 MultiTable MultiTable.filter(double[] timepoints)
          Creates a multi block table only containing the values for the given timepoints (if available)
protected  MultiTable AbstractDESSolver.initResultMatrix(DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, double[] timePoints)
protected  MultiTable AbstractDESSolver.initResultMatrix(DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, double timeBegin, double timeEnd)
protected  MultiTable AbstractDESSolver.initResultMatrix(DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, double timeBegin, int numSteps)
 MultiTable DESSolver.solve(DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, double[] timepoints)
          Solves the given differential equation system with the step size h and the number of steps as given starting at the value x.
 MultiTable AbstractDESSolver.solve(DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, double[] timePoints)
 MultiTable DESSolver.solve(DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, double timeBegin, double timeEnd)
          Solves the given differential equation system
 MultiTable AbstractDESSolver.solve(DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, double timeBegin, double timeEnd)
 MultiTable DESSolver.solve(DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, double x, double h, int steps)
          Solves the given differential equation system with the step size h and the number of steps as given starting at the value x.
 MultiTable AbstractDESSolver.solve(DESystem DES, double[] initialValues, double x, double h, int steps)
 MultiTable DESSolver.solve(DESystem DES, MultiTable.Block timeSeriesInitConditions, double[] initialValues)
          Solves the given DESystem using new initial conditions in each time step.
 MultiTable AbstractDESSolver.solve(DESystem DES, MultiTable.Block initConditions, double[] initialValues)

Methods in org.simulator.math.odes with parameters of type MultiTable
protected  double[] AbstractDESSolver.additionalResults(DESystem DES, double t, double[] yTemp, MultiTable data, int rowIndex)
          Compute additional result values

Uses of MultiTable in org.simulator.sedml

Methods in org.simulator.sedml that return MultiTable
 MultiTable SedMLSBMLSimulatorExecutor.createMultiTableFromProcessedResults(org.jlibsedml.Output wanted, org.jlibsedml.execution.IProcessedSedMLSimulationResults prRes)
 MultiTable SEDMLExecutor.execute(String outputID, InputStream is)
          EXecutes a SEDML file to produce the specified output.
 MultiTable MultTableSEDMLWrapper.getMultiTable()
          Gets the underlying MultiTable wrapped by this class.
 MultiTable SedMLSBMLSimulatorExecutor.processSimulationResults(org.jlibsedml.Output wanted, Map<org.jlibsedml.Task,org.jlibsedml.execution.IRawSedmlSimulationResults> res)

Constructors in org.simulator.sedml with parameters of type MultiTable
MultTableSEDMLWrapper(MultiTable mTable)

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