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Class TimesValue

  extended by org.simulator.sbml.astnode.ASTNodeValue
      extended by org.simulator.sbml.astnode.TimesValue

public class TimesValue
extends ASTNodeValue

This class can compute and store the value of times nodes.

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Roland Keller

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
TimesValue(ASTNodeInterpreter interpreter, ASTNode node)
          Initializes a new instance with the interpreter and ASTNode given
Method Summary
protected  void computeDoubleValue(double delay)
          Computes the double value of the node.
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Constructor Detail


public TimesValue(ASTNodeInterpreter interpreter,
                  ASTNode node)
Initializes a new instance with the interpreter and ASTNode given

interpreter -
node -
Method Detail


protected void computeDoubleValue(double delay)
Description copied from class: ASTNodeValue
Computes the double value of the node.

computeDoubleValue in class ASTNodeValue

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